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Federal-Mogul Powertrain Technologies Featured on All 13 International Engine of the Year Award-Winning Engines   Print  
Federal-Mogul Powertrain technologies are featured on all 13 International Engine of the Year Award-winning engines Tuesday, 25th July 2017

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Federal-Mogul Powertrain Debuts New Pokal Industrial Spark Plug   Print  
Federal-Mogul Powertrain’s new Pokal industrial spark plug has unprecedented  mechanical and electrical strength, thanks to a new ‘u-shaped’ core nose on the insulator © 2017 Federal-Mogul LLC Monday, 20th March 2017


Unique insulator core nose design provides unprecedented mechanical and electrical strength

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World’s Most Powerful Six-Cylinder Diesel Engine uses Federal-Mogul Powertrain Pistons and Rings   Print  
Federal-Mogul Powertrain is supplying the pistons, pins and ring packs for the world’s most powerful six-cylinder diesel engine, the new 294 kW/400 hp quad-turbo that will power the 2017 BMW 750d and 750Ld xDrive models Thursday, 8th September 2016


Latest advanced technologies satisfy requirements of new benchmark diesel engine

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Powder Metal Valve Seats and Guides Show Clear Benefits Over Cast Materials   Print  
New PM (powder metal) materials for valve seat inserts and valve guides from Federal-Mogul Powertrain offer improved corrosion resistance, higher mechanical strength and reduced costs compared to established cast materials. Tuesday, 16th August 2016

Federal-Mogul Powertrain PM technology on display at IAA Commercial Vehicles delivers improved corrosion resistance and higher strength

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Upgraded Coating for Heavy Duty Piston Rings from Federal-Mogul Powertrain   Print  
GDC60 has a finer microcrack network than GDC50, containing increased numbers of nanodiamond particles which are more uniformly distributed Tuesday, 2nd August 2016


New technology on display at IAA Commercial Vehicles will allow rings to withstand higher mechanical and thermal loads 

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Federal-Mogul Powertrain Valve Rotator Technology Reduces Wear and Increases Durability in Stationary and Marine Engines   Print  
Federal-Mogul Powertrain’s Rotocap® imparts a controlled rotation to the valve as it opens, using a compact and well-proven arrangement of balls and ramps within a self-contained assembly Friday, 22nd July 2016

Controlled valve rotation on medium speed applications ensures even temperature distribution on the valve seat and minimises the risk of combustion deposits accumulating on the sealing surface

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Ultra High-Strength Materials Reduce Heavy-Duty Cylinder Liner Distortion   Print  
Federal-Mogul Powertrain supplies cylinder liners between 100 and 190 mm bore diameter to the off-highway, heavy-duty, marine and power generation engine markets. Wednesday, 20th July 2016


Advanced cast iron technology from Federal-Mogul Powertrain leads to lower oil consumption and reduced bore friction; allows higher combustion pressures

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Federal-Mogul DEVA Bearing Material Helps Reduce Marine Pollution   Print  
MAN Alpha five-bladed CP Propeller for a twin screw patrol vessel installation Monday, 18th July 2016


Self-lubricating bearing material provides robust and environmentally sound solution for controlled pitch propeller applications


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Multiple Technologies Ensure Federal-Mogul Powertrain Meets Full Range of Large Bore Engine Piston Ring Requirements   Print  
Difficult to achieve but highly beneficial, negative ovality (shown right, in comparison to zero and positive ovality ) reduces the radial ring pressure at the ends of the ring, improving oil consumption and wear Wednesday, 13th July 2016


Enabling improved fuel consumption, less lubricant waste and longer service intervals

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Diesel Piston Cooling Technology Breakthrough from Federal-Mogul Powertrain   Print  
Federal-Mogul Powertrain Monosteel® heavy-duty piston, sectioned to show the EnviroKoolTM sealed-for-life coolant  chamber within the crown Thursday, 7th July 2016


EnviroKoolTM sealed-for-life coolant gallery enables higher crown operating
temperature in heavy-duty engines

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