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New Developments in Heavy-duty Diesel Pistons from Federal-Mogul Enable Lower Emissions and Fuel Consumption   Print  
The DuraBowl® reinforced combustion bowl rim and/or bowl base withstands high mechanical and thermal loads and significantly increases fatigue life. Wednesday, 3rd September 2014

Customer-tailored technologies for both aluminium and steel pistons provide heavy-duty engine manufacturers with highest reliability and greatest value

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Federal-Mogul’s Extension of Spark Plug Portfolio for CNG-fuelled Heavy-duty Vehicles Delivers Fuel Economy, Emissions Reduction   Print  
Transit spark plugs allow the use of different electrode configurations with an iridium centre and depending on the application, platinum or iridium ground to optimise the electrode surface for extended life. Thursday, 21st August 2014


New range combines expertise gained from industrial and automotive applications to deliver proven technologies for heavy-duty market

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New Piston Ring Developments from Federal-Mogul Reduce Friction in Heavy-duty Diesel Engines   Print  
Federal-Mogul’s DuroGlide-coated piston rings have shown the highest durability of any piston ring coating type and contribute fuel economy savings up to 1.2 percent. Thursday, 7th August 2014


Advanced coating and new design help to improve fuel economy and 
reduce CO2 emissions for commercial vehicles

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Oerlikon Graziano SpA commitment to workplace safety   Print  
Friday, 27th June 2014


Oerlikon Graziano SpA, an example of virtuous enterprise in safety

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Federal-Mogul’s Advanced Gasket and Sealing Technology Supports Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers’ Drive to Reduce CO2 Emissions   Print  
ederal-Mogul’s High Temperature Alloys (HTA) and High Temperature Coatings (HTC) seal exhausts reliably at temperatures beyond the capability of conventional stainless steel and graphite materials Monday, 9th June 2014


New materials and ALD design process provide robust sealing solutions for higher cylinder pressures and hotter exhaust temperatures in today’s heavy duty diesel

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Lead-Free Materials Drive Increased Bearing Sales for Federal-Mogul   Print  
Federal-Mogul provides a comprehensive portfolio of lead-free bearing products Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Comprehensive range of new materials meets demand and provides environmentally-friendly solutions for engine, transmission and vehicle manufacturers

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Indian and Italian Oerlikon Segment Drive Systems plants commit to Health Safety and Environment   Print  
Paolo Ramadori, Chairman and CEO Oerlikon Graziano Group S.p.A., Head of Business Unit EMEAR Oerlikon Drive Systems Thursday, 24th April 2014


Oerlikon Fairfield and Oerlikon Graziano reward excellence in safety and focus HSE expertise

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Torotrak wins £200,000 funding for V-Charge project   Print  
Torotrak’s V-Charge technology combines a proven compressor with Torotrak’s compact variable drive to solve the cost/performance challenges of high-pressure boosting Monday, 7th April 2014


Support from Technology Strategy Board helps fund production-intent development of fuel-saving technology

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Torotrak Finalises Acquisition of Flybrid, Developers of World-Leading Mechanical Hybrid Technology Following £16 Million Fundraising   Print  
Jeremy Deering - CEO, Torotrak plc Thursday, 9th January 2014


Shareholder Approvals Received at General Meeting – Paves the Way for First-to-Market Flybrid M-KERS Product

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Unique facility hosts OEMs as organisations test latest EVs, learn of commercial savings of fleet EV uptake   Print  
The Future Technology Centre will be open for business in early 2014 Thursday, 19th December 2013


BMW joins major automotive manufacturers at event in North East England

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