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3M abrasives driving down costs for cast, forged and manufactured metalworking   Print  
Medical implant finishing using the Cubitron 947D belt. Better mineral retention delivers longer belt life and lower costs. Monday, 2nd March 2009

New and improved Cubitron belts cost the same - but last 20 per cent longer

3M, the diversified technology company, is launching a new Cubitron belt formulation that helps drive down the costs of manufacturing. Targeted at gate and stock removal operations, particularly in the turbine blade, medical implant and engineered castings sectors, the new Cubitron belts now last on average 20 per cent longer than previous versions. Available in March 2009, prices will remain the same, but users will benefit from reduced costs and efficiency increases. This new innovation from 3M is in addition to previous upgrades that improved Cubitron belt life in heat sensitive applications.

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3M enhances its Trizact CF Abrasives cutting and finishing range   Print  
Friday, 14th March 2008

Abrasives belt range now available in high- and low-pressure options

3M, the diversified technology company, has enhanced its abrasive belt range with the addition of high- and low-pressure options. Trizact CF abrasives can now work on a variety of metals, part shapes and conditions. Its consistent performance also minimises rogue scratches, virtually eliminating the need for costly reworking and improving the overall finishing process, typically by up to 30%.

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