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Torotrak establishes joint venture with Rotrex to speed introduction of variable drive compressor technology   Print  
?Combining Torotrak?s proven variable speed traction drive with Rotrex?s centrifugal compressor technology will overcome the compromises that affect current pressure-charging systems,? says Torotrak chief executive Dick Elsy Thursday, 13th May 2010

New company Rotrak combines two proven technologies to increase the efficiency of downsized engines

Variable drive specialist Torotrak has formed a 50-50 joint venture with centrifugal supercharger firm Rotrex. The company, which will be called “Rotrak”, will address the automotive industry’s need for affordable, effective engine downsizing technologies.

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Federal-Mogul Extends Its Range of Powder Metallurgy Materials For Bushings and Guides   Print  
Federal-Mogul?s expertise in powder metallurgy allows them to develop new materials that are precisely matched to the increasingly demanding requirements of turbocharger and EGR components for downsized engines Wednesday, 12th May 2010

High-performance materials help improve turbocharger durability in demanding downsized engine applications

Southfield, Michigan, May 12, 2010 … Federal-Mogul Corporation (NASDAQ:FDML) is extending its materials range for bushings and guides designed specifically for use at the very high temperatures increasingly found in turbochargers and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) components.  Turbocharging is already almost universal on diesel engines and will become even more common in gasoline applications as engineers improve fuel consumption and emissions by designing downsized engines that have higher specific outputs.  The new materials will allow Federal-Mogul to produce components that meet the very tough durability targets imposed by the increasingly severe conditions seen in this new generation of downsized, low CO2 engines.

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New, highly integrated EV powertrain simplifies the development of next-generation electric vehicles   Print  
The three major elements of the new Zytek EV powertrain are the inverter and power electronics (top), the transmission (middle) and the aircooled motor (right).This configuration has been created for a new city car concept. The modular design allows other Wednesday, 12th May 2010

Zytek technology will help take electric vehicles into volume production

An all-new Electric Vehicle powertrain is being developed by Zytek Automotive, a UK technology specialist with more production EV experience than any other company worldwide. Building on the knowledge gained from more than 15 years of niche EV design, manufacture and operation, this new third generation unit is a clean-sheet-of-paper design that will significantly simplify the introduction of next-generation electric vehicles, from niche models to high-volume global programmes.

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Volcanic ash disruption highlights need for OEMs to reinforce contingency plans for extended supply chains   Print  
Emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical reports a surge in requests for time critical deliveries as a result of the closure of UK air space Tuesday, 4th May 2010

With the recent closure of UK air space still causing disruption to automotive supply chains, Evolution Time Critical has been active in facilitating urgent deliveries to car makers from distant international suppliers

Repercussions from April’s volcanic ash disruption continue to cause problems for vehicle manufacturers, many of whom operate extended supply chains with Tier 2 components suppliers often situated in distant locations. Emergency logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical reports a surge in requests for time critical deliveries both during the closure of UK air space and in the following week, as airlines struggle to cope with a backlog of thousands of tonnes of cargo as well as thousands of stranded passengers. The company’s managing director, Brad Brennan, has observed that the episode clearly demonstrates the need for more extensive contingency planning among car makers, in order to prevent costly line stoppages.


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XPart introduces new and improved Classic Mini parts from MG Rover original tooling   Print  
As demand for genuine Classic Mini parts grows, XPart is introducing a range of new and improved front and rear bumpers and bonnet bars for the much-loved British icon Thursday, 29th April 2010

Parts specialist XPart is launching a new range of OE quality front and rear bumpers and bonnet bars for the Classic Mini with a superior finish

As demand for genuine Classic Mini parts grows, XPart is introducing a range of new and improved front and rear bumpers as well as bonnet bars for the much-loved British icon. The bonnet bars will be made from stainless steel using MG Rover original tooling, while the stainless steel bumpers will be manufactured using modern production methods in order to produce smoother ends and a cosmetically enhanced finish.

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Federal-Mogul?s Electrical/Electronics Systems Protection Portfolio Eliminates Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) issues   Print  
Federal-Mogul?s EMI shielding products feature a specially-designed self-wrapping construction made with a combination of metal wires and high-temperature polymers that can be easily installed on wire harnesses, while allowing the protected assembly to be Tuesday, 27th April 2010

Aircraft Interiors Expo,
Hamburg, 18-20 May
Stand 6B100

Company’s innovative, lightweight, flexible and durable shielding products can help aircraft manufacturers reduce electromagnetic interference

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, 27 April 2010…. As aerospace manufacturers continue to develop aircrafts with significantly increased use of electronic controls and equipment, there is a growing need to ensure that the electrical/electronics architecture is protected against electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

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Factor 001 takes performance analysis to a new level with sophisticated multi-channel electronics package   Print  
The world?s most exclusive and technically advanced road bike, Factor 001, complete with sophisticated electronics package, will be on display at the Thinking Cycles media event in Monaco on 25th April 2010 Tuesday, 20th April 2010

The world’s ultimate training bike, Factor 001, is making its debut at the Thinking Cycles media event in Monaco, where cycling enthusiasts, athletes and celebrities will be able to experience first hand how the elite bicycle uses F1 technology to monitor their performance and fitness 

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Federal-Mogul Debuts New Catalogue for GOETZE? Mechanical Face Seals   Print  
Friday, 16th April 2010

BAUMA Hall 5, Stand 525

Catalogue Highlights Modular Building Set for Specific Applications

April 16th, 2010…Federal-Mogul Corporation has published a new catalogue for its mechanical face seals in time for the BAUMA trade fair 19-25 April in Munich.  The reference work from the market leader provides details on the various designs and materials, including information on lubrication, maintenance and assembly. The seals are available from an outer diameter of 50 millimeters to 1.425 meters – the largest cast mechanical face seals in the world.

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Federal-Mogul is exhibiting its DEVA? Sliding Bearings Optimized for the Construction Machine Industry and its GOETZ? mechanical face seals   Print  
Friday, 16th April 2010

BAUMA 2010, Munich
Hall A5 Stand 525

Working Smoothly, Maintenance Free

April 16th, 2010…..The harsh conditions in which construction machines operate is leading to increasing use of DEVA® self-lubricating, maintenance-free bearings from Federal-Mogul Corporation. DEVA sliding contact bearings work well in demanding conditions such as extreme heat or icy temperatures, or conditions with heavy weights, dirt and dust, making them ideal for machines sold into a wide range of challenging applications.

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Resourceful emergency logistics team saves car manufacturer two million euros in stoppage time   Print  
Evolution Time Critical has saved a major vehicle manufacturer two million euros by delivering a shipment of seat belt retractors weighing 221kg from Poland to Turkey in less than 24 hours Tuesday, 13th April 2010

By using a unique combination of road, air charter and onboard courier, Evolution Time Critical has helped to prevent a major automotive production line from stopping by facilitating an urgent door to door delivery from Poland to Turkey

Resourceful emergency logistics analysts have helped to prevent a major car manufacturer from stopping production by using a unique combination of road, air charter and onboard courier to transport 20 boxes of seat belt retractors weighing 221kg from Poland to Turkey. Having received the urgent enquiry late one afternoon, the Evolution Time Critical’s team quickly learnt that the parts already delivered by the manufacturer’s supplier were faulty and waiting for a standard delivery would delay production by two days. Since the carmaker in question runs two cars down the same production line, halting the line would be a highly expensive exercise. With a hefty potential bill of one million euros per day for the line, the manufacturer faced penalties of two million euros if the parts were not received in time. Given that retrofitting the parts was not an option, the task of maintaining production would rely heavily on Evolution’s ability to facilitate an urgent delivery.

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