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Ferrari awards Best Partner status to BWI   Print  
BWI supplies its innovative MagneRide suspension to the Ferrari 458 Italia Monday, 29th November 2010

Supercar maker recognises contribution from MagneRide suspension technology following seven years of outstanding contribution to the legendary marque’s ride and handling

FRANKFURT, Germany – BWI Group, the Tier One supplier of chassis technologies, has been awarded Ferrari’s prestigious Best Partner status. Presented at the Podio Ferrari 2010 ceremony in Maranello, the award recognises the outstanding contribution that BWI has made over the last seven years, most recently with the supply of its MagneRide suspension system for the acclaimed Ferrari 458.

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XPart network now offers complete SUPLEX coil spring range   Print  
XPart is now supplying the complete range of SUPLEX coil springs via its nationwide network of parts wholesalers Thursday, 25th November 2010

Garages can now buy the complete range of SUPLEX coil springs from XPart’s nationwide network of wholesalers and AutoService centres. The parts specialist was the first in the UK to distribute SUPLEX springs and has now broadened its core range of fast-moving parts from 400 to 3,500 part numbers, in line with customer demand. Parts managers can order by locating their nearest XPart wholesaler at www.xpart.com.

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Drive Motor Retail joins the XPart All-Makes programme   Print  
Franchise dealership Drive Motor Retail is now offering an all-makes factoring operation to its customers by investing in XPart?s All-Makes programme Thursday, 18th November 2010

Franchise dealership Drive Motor Retail is now offering an all-makes factoring operation to its trade customers by investing in XPart’s All-Makes programme

Drive Motor Retail has joined XPart’s All-Makes parts programme, an all-makes parts solution that allows franchise dealers to operate their own factoring operation. Parts manager Mike Brant has already recorded a 15 percent uplift on the company’s non-franchise business in the past month, and hopes to generate £500,000 of all-makes part sales over the coming year. The Bristol-based franchise dealer officially launched its new all-makes proposition to trade customers in October with an open day at its premises.

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Federal-Mogul?s family of High Temperature Alloy (HTA) gasket materials and coatings ensure long-term, reliable exhaust sealing and are matched to meet thermal and mechanical requirements for a wide range of demanding engine applications. Wednesday, 17th November 2010

High temperature materials and coatings seal exhaust joints at 1000°C and above

Wiesbaden, Germany  November 17, 2010 … Federal-Mogul Corporation (NASDAQ:FDML) today announced it has developed a portfolio of advanced High Temperature Alloy (HTA) materials that help to ensure reliable long-term exhaust sealing, even on the most demanding powertrain applications with fluctuating high temperatures and dynamic mechanical loads.  The HTA technology, already proven in the heavy-duty diesel sector, is now applicable to light-duty diesel and gasoline engines as vehicle manufacturers’ strategies to reduce emissions pushes exhaust temperatures beyond 1000°C.

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Low-cost hybrid system wins award for heavy goods vehicle CO2 reduction technology   Print  
The Flybus consortium led by traction drive specialist Torotrak has been announced as a winner of this year?s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Technology Challenge Tuesday, 16th November 2010

Original- and retro-fit capability means potential for widespread application including some existing vehicle fleets

NOT FOR RELEASE BEFORE 09:00 Tuesday 16/11/2010

16 November 2010 The Flybus consortium led by traction drive specialist Torotrak plc (FTSE: TRK.L) has been announced as a winner of this year’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Technology Challenge. The Challenge this year identified technologies that can reduce the carbon footprint of heavy goods vehicles such as trucks and buses. The consortium is developing a low-cost, easily installed, flywheel hybrid system that reduces CO2 emission by around 20 percent during urban stop-start operation.

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Electric-drive specialist celebrates success in inaugural low carbon vehicle event   Print  
The class-winning Zytek Mercedes Vito taxi pictured with another Challenge competitor that uses a Zytek integrated drivetrain: the production smart fortwo ev. Friday, 12th November 2010

Zytek Automotive takes class win with electric seven-seat taxi

In the first RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge, the award for Most Economical & Environmentally Friendly Multi-Purpose electric vehicle was won by Zytek Automotive, a world leader in EV powertrains and electric vehicle integration. Its electric Mercedes Vito seven-seat taxi finished the 57-mile run with around 30 percent of its battery capacity to spare. The event, a warm-up for the famous London to Brighton veteran car run the following day, saw over 60 eco-friendly vehicles competing for awards, watched by crowds estimated by the RAC at over 250,000.

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Passionate supporters save the last flying Vulcan   Print  
Wednesday, 3rd November 2010

Winter appeal raises £400,000 in little more than a month

Supporters of the last airworthy Vulcan have donated more than £400,000 to help keep one of Britain’s most loved aircraft flying in the UK. As the October 31st deadline approached, volunteers at the Hinckley headquarters of the Vulcan To The Sky Trust, which restored and now operates the iconic delta-winged jet, were opening envelopes containing up to £30,000 a day.

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Low-cost hybrid bus just around the corner   Print  
The Flybus prototype aims to demonstrate a cost-effective alternative to conventional hybrid systems for new and existing buses. Friday, 29th October 2010

Construction of low-cost, high-efficiency hybrid “Flybus”demonstrator begins

29 October 2010  A project to demonstrate the viability of a cost-effective alternative to battery-hybrid buses has taken a step closer to fruition with construction starting of the first prototype vehicle. For a fraction of the cost of other systems, the “Flybus” system could deliver up to 20 percent savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in stop-start city centre operation. The project is due to publish the results of testing next year.

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Wednesday, 27th October 2010

Distinctive lightweight forged wheels sharpen steering and dynamics

Oct 27, 2010 – Alcoa Auto Wheels, a division of Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products, supplies lightweight forged aluminium wheels for the new and critically acclaimed Ferrari 458 Italia.

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XPart advises motorists to choose their garage carefully this winter   Print  
Car parts specialist XPart is advising motorists to investigate their choice of garage wisely when taking their car for a pre-winter service Monday, 25th October 2010

Car parts specialist XPart is advising motorists to investigate their choice of garage wisely when taking their car for a pre-winter service. Breakdown misery can be avoided by making sure cars are in sufficiently good working order to cope with harsh winter driving conditions and low temperatures, says the firm. Selecting a high quality garage to conduct vital maintenance checks and servicing prior to winter gives car owners peace of mind and helps to avoid the hefty repair costs often associated with breakdowns.

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