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OEMs begin plans for supply chain contingency fearing disruption from Icelandic volcanic eruptions   Print  
Brad Brennan, Evolution Time Critical managing director. Monday, 8th September 2014


 Emergency logistics expertise helps safeguard automotive industry production amid ash cloud uncertainty 

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British oil developer provides innovative low-friction lubricants for first Porsche in WRC since 1986   Print  
“Millers Oils’ expertise will provide important information on the car’s durability and performance and help find the competitive edge every team is looking for,” says Richard Tuthill, Director, Tuthill Porsche. Thursday, 4th September 2014


Bold Porsche 911 WRC entry to prove benefits of advanced lubricants

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New Developments in Heavy-duty Diesel Pistons from Federal-Mogul Enable Lower Emissions and Fuel Consumption   Print  
The DuraBowl® reinforced combustion bowl rim and/or bowl base withstands high mechanical and thermal loads and significantly increases fatigue life. Wednesday, 3rd September 2014

Customer-tailored technologies for both aluminium and steel pistons provide heavy-duty engine manufacturers with highest reliability and greatest value

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Federal-Mogul’s Extension of Spark Plug Portfolio for CNG-fuelled Heavy-duty Vehicles Delivers Fuel Economy, Emissions Reduction   Print  
Transit spark plugs allow the use of different electrode configurations with an iridium centre and depending on the application, platinum or iridium ground to optimise the electrode surface for extended life. Thursday, 21st August 2014


New range combines expertise gained from industrial and automotive applications to deliver proven technologies for heavy-duty market

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Federal-Mogul Motorparts to Show-case Premium Products and Leading Brands at Automechanika 2014   Print  
Thursday, 21st August 2014

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Automotive production downtime averted following catastrophic supply chain failure   Print  
Brad Brennan, Evolution Time Critical managing director Friday, 15th August 2014


Chinese factory explosion provides stern test for contingency planning

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New Piston Ring Developments from Federal-Mogul Reduce Friction in Heavy-duty Diesel Engines   Print  
Federal-Mogul’s DuroGlide-coated piston rings have shown the highest durability of any piston ring coating type and contribute fuel economy savings up to 1.2 percent. Thursday, 7th August 2014


Advanced coating and new design help to improve fuel economy and 
reduce CO2 emissions for commercial vehicles

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New oil advice service provides support to commercial vehicle sector as specifications diversify   Print  
Millers Oils’ Which Oil? tool for commercial vehicles enables operators and technicians to easily identify the recommended oils and lubricants for a specific vehicle, eliminating doubts over oil selection. Thursday, 7th August 2014


Millers Oils launches Which Oil? support tool to provide clarity on oil selection

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World’s fastest diesel production car arrives in Sheffield   Print  
Standard features of the D3 Bi-Turbo include a sports steering wheel covered in soft Lavalina leather stitched in ALPINA’s signature colours, and a plaque on the centre console displaying the car’s unique build number. Monday, 4th August 2014

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World’s fastest diesel production car arrives in Sheffield   Print  
The new 173mph ALPINA D3 Bi-Turbo is available as Saloon or Estate. These cars are in the signature ALPINA Blue and ALPINA Green, colours provided by BMW Individual exclusively for ALPINA. Monday, 4th August 2014

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