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Vocis prepares for increasing driveline integration   Print  
The production-capable TMS 20 Transmission Control Unit developed by Vocis Friday, 9th May 2008

New technologies and expertise adds to capability of DCT specialist

Driveline control specialist Vocis is preparing for substantially higher levels of systems integration by introducing new technologies and expertise alongside its core Dual Clutch control systems capability. Several of these technologies were shown for the first time at the 2008 SAE World Congress in Detroit.

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Annual survey highlights shift in logistical issues   Print  
The annual client survey by emergency automotive logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical Friday, 9th May 2008

The annual client survey by emergency automotive logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical has highlighted a noticeable shift in the issues affecting European logistical operations. The results reflect the way the automotive market is evolving as managing director Brad Brennan explains

"It is a well known fact that to offer a really effective service, you have to take a lead from the market you serve," Brennan explains. "Last year, our annual survey of emergency logistics issues in the European automotive industry indicated a few interesting facts. Due to the inherent complexity of automotive manufacturing processes, it was no surprise that production delays accounted for more than a fifth of the calls for emergency logistics.

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New control technologies simplify integration of Zeroshift's high efficiency automatic   Print  
New control systems simplify integration of the high-efficiency Zeroshift automatic transmission Monday, 28th April 2008

SAE World Congress – stand 2557

Zeroshift, which launched the award-winning second generation of its revolutionary automatic gearbox technology last year, has moved into the next phase of development with two new actuator systems and a new industry standard control system aimed at making integration of the high-efficiency transmission as simple as possible.

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Delphi Diesel+ approved for Truck Racing   Print  
Delphi Diesel+ has been approved for use by the teams competing in the 2008 Delphi British Truck Racing Championship Wednesday, 23rd April 2008

Warwick, UK. Diesel+, Delphi’s fuel system cleaner, has been approved for use by the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA) for teams competing in the 2008 Delphi British Truck Racing Championship. The additive contains a number of key elements to enhance the fuel’s ability to clean, protect and restore, thereby improving engine efficiency and reducing emissions.

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New measurement process helps commercial vehicle fleets ensure compliance with whole body vibration directive   Print  
Millbrook's track facilities are the most comprehensive available anywhere Tuesday, 22nd April 2008

Fastest ever assessment programme minimises cost and downtime

New test systems have been introduced by Millbrook to help fleets ensure compliance with the recently introduced Whole Body Vibration directive. Using new processes and new test technologies, Millbrook is able to halve the time typically required for the procedure, substantially reducing costs and keeping vehicles on the road.

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New cargo trucks head for Canada's training fields   Print  
More than 100 of the latest cargo trucks procured by GSV IPT have been sent to Canada for training Tuesday, 22nd April 2008

More than 100 of the latest cargo trucks to be used by British military forces around the world have set sail for the Army’s training centre in Canada. The trucks are part of the £1.3B replacement Support Vehicle programme awarded to MAN trucks in 2005 which will see the supply of some 7,300 cargo and recovery vehicles. The procurement programme is being managed by the General Support Vehicles Integrated Project Team (GSV IPT) which is a through life IPT, responsible for the procurement and in-service management of heavy logistics vehicles with a payload of four tonnes and above. GSV IPT is one of eight IPTs and Groups who are participating in DVD at Millbrook this year.

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New research shows that inefficiency at the supplier interface costs Western European vehicle manufacturers ?14billion a year   Print  
Monday, 21st April 2008

Inconsistent management at the interface between car manufacturers and their suppliers costs the Western European automotive industry around €14 billion a year – an average of approximately €900 for each vehicle produced – according to new research published by McKinsey. In the study ‘Managing the OEM Supplier Interface’, McKinsey consultants analyse the reasons for this high level of waste, which drops to €521 for North American vehicle manufacturers and to just €120 for Japanese vehicle manufacturers.

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New technologies launched at CeMAT include 40m crane and ultra-high throughput AS/RS   Print  
Daifuku's new 40m high-bay crane Friday, 18th April 2008

Daifuku at CeMAT, (Hannover 27th-31st May) Hall 27, Stand H 39

Major European launches from Daifuku at leading intralogistics event

Technologies that deliver ultra-high densities and also high outputs will be launched at this years CeMAT event (Hannover, 27th-31st May) by Daifuku, one of the world’s largest suppliers of automated materials handling systems. European launches will include one of the world’s tallest high-bay cranes and a unique synchroniser twin crane AS/RS.

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Daifuku launches high-speed Synchroniser AS/RS at CeMAT   Print  
Thursday, 17th April 2008

Daifuku at CeMAT, (Hannover 27th-31st May) Hall 27, Stand H 39

Two cranes on one track help double throughput and halve the footprint

A new design of crane that will almost double the throughput of most aisles will be launched at the CeMAT show by Daifuku, the world’s second largest supplier of automated materials handling systems. With two cranes on one track, the Synchroniser Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) can perform substantially faster than dual fork mini load automated storage and retrieval systems.

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Improved performance leads Dusseldorf to order Allison equipped fire trucks   Print  
Allison automatic transmission 3000 Series Tuesday, 15th April 2008

Mercedes-Benz Ategos to be fitted with Allison automatic transmission in demanding situations

SLIEDRECHT – Fire trucks in Düsseldorf are used for more than just fire fighting – 60 percent of their operations are for technical assistance, including rescue and recovery emergencies. Designed to give performance and reliability, Allison automatic transmissions are durable and easy to use in even the most challenging environments, making them a natural choice for the role.

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