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Peter Edwards      
Areas: Club/Nat/Historic motorsports,interviews and features
Publications: Various TV,radio and motorsport
Locations: Berkshire, England
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Radek Silhavy      
Areas: Motoring,car tests,interview and sport
Publications: AutoRevue, Auto, Autohit, e-biz, Osobni Finance
Locations: Czech republic
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Rodolpho Siqueira      
Areas: Motorsport
Publications: Autoesporte and F1 racing
Locations: Brazil
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Roger Bishop      
Areas: Specialist Technology Articles, Road Tests, General Features, Industry Research.
Publications: Automotive Technology Writer
Locations: East Sussex
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Rupert Saunders      
Areas: Motor Retailing, Finance, Fleet Operations
Publications: Automotive Management, Fleet Week, Automanager
Locations: Banbury, England
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Simon Harvey      
Areas: New cars and light commercials: detailed road-testing, technical descriptions, automotive technology; travel writing, economy runs; photography
Publications: Editor of Under The Skin, Freelance work for print and internet publications covering automotive and travel
Locations: Colchester, UK
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Sue Baker      
Areas: Motoring, car tests, motor industry, motorsport
Publications: Saga, Good Housekeeping, Ireland Homes, D. Telegraph
Locations: Kent, England
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Susan Brown      
Areas: Vehicle and component industry analysis
Publications: Automotive World and EIU
Locations: London, England
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William Diem      
Areas: Automotive Trends, Strategy and Technology
Publications: US Dailies and Global Trade
Locations: France
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